Konferencija "NEOBIOTA 2016"

9th International Conference on Biological Invasions "Biological Invasions: Interactions with Environmental Change"

(Pre conference COST meetings: 12-13 September 2016)
Conference: 14-16 September 2016
Field trip: 17 September 2016

Vianden, Luxembourg

Biological invasions are one of the components of global change, causing dramatic impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems. NEOBIOTA 2016 will provide an international high-level forum to discuss how invaders respond to environmental change and their feed-backs. The conference will constitute an important opportunity to strengthen cooperation between the scientific community, conservation agencies, and policy and decision makers. The conference will also concentrate on the most recent studies about the ecological and evolutionary characteristics of invaders, invaded ecosystems and their management.

Konferencijos svetainė: http://www.neobiota2016.org/