Dr. Agnese Marchini vizitas

Norime pasidžiaugti, kad mus aplankė dr. Agnese Marchini iš Pavijos universiteto (Italija) ir Klaipėdos universiteto bendruomenei pristatė fuzzy logic galimybes jūriniuose tyrimuose.

Pranešimo tema: Applications of fuzzy logic in marine environmental research: even biologists can do it!

Pranešimo santrauka: Agnese Marchini will be talking about the opportunities of applications of fuzzy logic to marine research and conservation, from a biologist's point of view. Fuzzy logic, first proposed in 1965 by professor Zadeh of University of California, Berkeley, is a mathematical approach to deal with uncertain and vague data, which are a common situation in environmental and marine studies. The benefits of using fuzzy logic consist in its high adaptability to human reasoning and perceptions, and in the capability of integrating qualitative data into formal models. A brief overview of techniques of fuzzy logic modelling and applications to marine research will be provided.